The Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth can immediately improve the way your smile looks and feels but did you know that they also offer long-term benefits? The permanence and stability provided by the titanium posts result in numerous dental health advantages over time. Dr. Leigh Kent, a periodontist who places dental implants in Birmingham, AL, notes that patients also realize emotional and quality of life improvements as well.

5 Dental Health Improvements Exclusive to Dental Implants
  1. Implants preserve bone health. When you have dental implants placed, titanium posts are inserted into the jaw bone to serve as an anchor for the implant crowns. These posts fuse with the existing bone. They also stimulate the bone; much like the roots of your teeth would, keeping it healthy. Without a tooth root or an implant post, the bone would begin to deteriorate.
  2. Dental implants can save you time and money. Implants are designed to last a lifetime while other options may require refitting or replacements. Implants provide a more “worry-free”, permanent solution.
  3. Implants can reduce the likelihood that you will get cavities. The parts of the dental implants that are visible are dental crown restorations. Because the tooth has been removed and replaced with a full crown, it is no longer susceptible to bacteria or tooth decay. Though you will still need dental health cleanings to protect remaining teeth and your gums!
  4. Dental implants can prevent your teeth from shifting. When a tooth is extracted and not replaced immediately, the teeth around it begin to shift and move. An implant fills the gap permanently.
  5. Implants can improve your confidence. Those who choose dental implants enjoy eating their favorite foods, laughing, singing, and talking without worrying about shifting or loose dentures. This stability takes away the fear that a denture may fall out or change the way you sound when you talk. 

Want additional information about the long-term dental health benefits of implants? Contact our office to schedule a consultation for dental implants in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Leigh Kent is a specialist in implant dentistry and would be happy to discuss your concerns with you.