Selecting the right restoration after tooth loss can be a daunting task, but if you have chosen dental implants, you can look forward to a beautiful, natural looking smile that can last a lifetime with proper placement and care. How can your periodontist maximize the success of your implants? With advanced planning and precision placement, performed with the help of Cone Beam CT scans, risk can be dramatically reduced.

A Comprehensive Look at Your Mouth

Cone Beam CT imaging delivers a 3D view of the oral environment. This provides view of more than teeth and bones; it renders an in-depth look at nerves, sinus cavity, and soft tissue. If you are getting dental implants in Birmingham, AL, your periodontist can utilize this information to ensure that the implant post is placed in the area with the most bone density while avoiding nerves and blood vessels. Once the implantation sites are mapped out, a surgical guide is fabricated to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Benefits of Cone Beam CT Technology:

- Expansive 3D views of the bones, teeth, gums, nerve, and sinus for proper planning of implants

- Fully mapped images allow for the use of guided surgery, which is safer and more accurate

- Clearer pictures make it possible to identify any pre-existing dental conditions that must be addressed before placement of dental implants in Birmingham, AL

- CT scans are convenient and comfortable for patients as they only take seconds to perform

- This technology dramatically reduces patient exposure to radiation

Increase the likelihood that your implant surgery will be a success. Schedule a consultation with a doctor who utilizes CBCT scans for accuracy and offers years of experience in implant dentistry. Call our office to sit one-on-one with Dr. Kent and find out whether dental implants are right for you. We use CBCT imaging and guided implant surgery for optimal results.