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We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat” at least once in our lives. When it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums, it is especially true.

Gums go through a lot of hardship throughout the day, and we tend to rely on them more than we realize. Not only are your gums forced to help protect the surrounding teeth, but they have to be strong enough to ward off infections and deal with the occasional stray popcorn kernel.

In order to keep your gums looking great, be sure to add the following food choices to your diet:

Milk products. Love cheese? Yogurt? Cottage cheese? Low-fat milk? You are in luck! Your gums love those products, too. Dairy is a wonderful addition to mealtimes because it fills you up and provides you with nutrients like calcium and protein. Plus, many people do not realize the casein protein in milk works with gums to help reduce gingivitis-causing bacteria.

Onions. Want more ways to fight bacteria growth? Onions are your choice! Not only do they taste great raw or cooked, but they give you a natural immunity boost. Just make sure you carry some mints if you order onion-laced salads!

Celery. This vegetable is not very high in nutrients, but it does have an aspect that makes it appealing to periodontists: It helps clean between your teeth. Every time you chew on celery, you assist your gums in removing the food particles. Many people prefer celery to other vegetables for this very reason, and some swear that it whitens and brightens their smiles, too.

Green tea. Although you do not want to overdo the caffeine in your diet, green tea is a great choice for a warm beverage. Not only is it high in antioxidants, but it can help produce saliva and keep the mouth clear of bacterial build-up.

Why risk gum disease and all its symptoms like chronic halitosis and bleeding gums? Birmingham, AL, has plenty of places to get fresh dairy, produce and more to keep you healthy. Remember to keep all your dental appointments throughout the year to spot issues before they become big. If you require laser therapy treatment like the comfortable LANAP® protocol, turn to our office right away.

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