It’s no secret that dental implants are considered the ideal solution to replace missing teeth. But when you suffer from osteoporosis or jawbone loss, are you still a candidate for this gold standard treatment? Don’t worry, the answer is usually YES! Dr. Leigh Kent offers effective techniques for those with osteoporosis or jawbone loss and who are seeking dental implants in Birmingham, AL.

Those who suffer from osteoporosis are more susceptible to having loose teeth and potential tooth loss as their jaw bone can become much weaker. However, living with tooth loss is not a good solution, as it not only restricts your diet, speech and self-confidence, but it can also accelerate jawbone loss! This is because your natural tooth roots stimulate your jawbone to encourage continued growth, and without this stimulation, the bone can begin to recede. 

Can I Still Get Dental Implants?
Dental implants mimic the function and look of natural teeth, even in stimulating the jaw bone for continued growth. If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth, Dr. Kent will perform a thorough evaluation of your current oral health and discover the volume of your jaw bone. Even if you have lost teeth, we may still be able to replace them with dental implants if your jaw has sufficient bone. 

The Solution to Jawbone Loss
An effective solution to restoring a jaw affected by bone loss is through bone grafting treatment. This procedure uses bone material that is placed in areas of the jaw affected by recession. After a healing timeframe, the bone material will fuse to the existing bone, creating a strong and stable foundation for dental implants to be placed.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Natural look and feel
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Eat the foods you love and speak clearly
  • Improved jawbone health

If you are seeking a solution to missing teeth, whether you suffer from osteoporosis and jawbone loss, or not, contact Dr. Kent today to discuss dental implants in Birmingham, AL!