Things go more smoothly when you know what to expect and your first visit to the periodontist is no exception. While many people experience a bit of anxiety at the prospect of dental work, feeling prepared will make you feel much more comfortable for your appointment with your new periodontist in Birmingham, AL. Getting healthy gums can be easy.

First Things First

Try to get to your appointment fifteen minutes early. When you arrive at your periodontist’s office, you should immediately check in with the front desk. There will be some paperwork for you to fill out. Many offices provide downloadable forms on their website, for your convenience. If possible, try to complete the forms at home, when you will not feel rushed.

What Should You Bring to Your New Periodontist?

An accurate list of prescription medications and supplements that you are taking

Your Driver’s License or identification card

If insured, your dental insurance card or forms

If you have been referred by a dentist, bring the referral form and x-rays from your dentist

Will You Need X-Rays?

A member of the periodontist’s staff may take x-rays, if necessary, to ensure that the images are ready when you talk to the doctor.

What If I Feel Anxious?

If you have a fear of dentistry, this is an excellent time to make your uneasiness known. Your periodontist’s team has extensive experience with dental anxiety and wants to make you feel comfortable. There is no need to feel embarrassed.

What Will I Discuss with the Periodontist?

You and your periodontist will discuss your medical and dental history, the results of your x-rays, and the goals you have for your oral health. Your periodontist will perform an examination, in order to evaluate your periodontal tissue and bone health. If you need treatment, the doctor will provide you with all of your options so you can make an informed decision.

What Will It Cost?

This depends upon the treatment that you need and your insurance coverage. Once you and the periodontist have a treatment plan, the office staff should be able to give you a detailed estimate.

Would you like to have healthy gums? Visit Dr. Leigh Kent, our experienced periodontist in Birmingham, AL. Call our office to schedule your new patient consultation today.