Placement of dental implants has become a much-discussed conversation between many periodontists and their patients. In fact, Dr. Leigh Kent frequently speaks about implant technology with patients who require single or multiple tooth replacement in Birmingham, AL. In addition to the upsides of receiving dental implants, she discusses the realities and other considerations, too. 

Some of the biggest pros and cons of choosing dental implants fall under five categories.

Longevity: When properly placed in the mouths of highly qualified candidates, implants can stay viable for 20 or more years. Consequently, they are the only form of tooth replacement that is practically permanent.

Trustworthiness: Many clinicians consider dental implants to be the “gold” standard in tooth replacement, as they mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth. Implants have an over 95 percent success rate and with skilled placement by Dr. Kent, the success rate is even higher. Patients can trust dental implants as a well-regarded, safe protocol.

Cost: One downside to receiving dental implants can be their upfront cost. Many insurance programs will not cover any or most of the placement fee. However, many dental providers offer financing plans to help offset the price.

Candidacy: Many adults worry that they may not be suitable for patients to receive implants due to the health of their mouths. Surprisingly, even people who do not have bone density to support implants can often become candidates for the procedure after receiving a successful bone graft. Of course, the best candidates have no underlying health issues, abstain from tobacco products and are free from untreated gum disease.

Appearance: A huge patient advantage to receiving implants is a boost in confidence. Implants feature a dental crown or bridge that looks completely natural and attractive when they smile. 

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