Gum disease is notorious for being the leading cause of tooth loss for adults and has also been linked to heart disease as well as other systemic health concerns like dementia and stroke. Gum disease affects nearly 75% of all adults and occurs when bacteria infect the gum tissue and teeth. For these reasons, it is important to identify the leading signs of gum disease and do whatever is necessary to prevent the disease from taking hold in your mouth.

Common Symptoms of Gum Disease
Bleeding gums
• Gum recession
• Recurring bad breath
• Loose or shifting teeth
• Sensitivity to hot or cold beverages

5 Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy
1. Brush and Floss. Keeping teeth healthy by brushing and flossing is the easiest at-home preventative measure you can take. If you notice bleeding gums, pus, bad breath or have any pain, you should seek professional care right away.

2. Avoid Smoking. Smoking not only harms the lungs, but it hurts your oral health as well. Smoking can cause infection in the gum tissue, stain your teeth and is a leading cause of oral cancer! Quitting the habit can drastically improve your oral health.

3. Get Regular Dental Checkups. We recommend visiting the dentist every every six months for routine appointments. If you have already been treated for gum disease, regular periodontal maintenance visits to our Birmingham, AL periodontist, Dr. Leigh Kent, can ensure the disease is maintained and does not re-infect your mouth.

4. Improve Your Diet. Cutting back, or entirely removing, sugary foods and drinks will improve your oral health. Sugars are one of the top culprits for causing cavities and bacteria to develop. If you can’t seem to shake your sweet tooth, at least brush and floss immediately after eating or drinking anything sugary.

5. Seek Treatment at the First Signs of Disease. Don’t wait! The earlier we can diagnose and treat gum disease, the better your results will be. Give us a call and make an appointment at the first signs of bleeding gums, bad breath or any of the symptoms listed above! Save your smile and keep it healthy for a lifetime!

Worried About Your Gum Health?
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