You’ve seen the television commercials, gotten the postcards in the mail and may have even noticed billboards about dental implants. But do you really know how dental implants impact your dental health? While it is true that implants are considered the best solution to tooth loss, Dr. Leigh Kent and our team realize that many people still have questions about the procedure. If you have been considering getting dental implants in Birmingham, AL, take our short quiz below to find out how much you truly know about the procedure!

How Well Do You Know Dental Implants? Answer either true or false.
1. Dental Implants Need to Be Removed at Night.
2. Getting Dental Implants is Painful.
3. You Can Only Eat Certain Foods with Dental Implants.
4. You Can Replace Any Number of Missing Teeth.
5. Dental Implants Can Last the Rest of Your Life.
6. Visiting a Periodontist Improves Implant Success Rate.

Think you did well? Let's find out!
1. False! Dental implants are PERMANENTLY secured into your jaw bone and are not removable.
2. False! Thanks to sedation dentistry, dental implant treatment is simple and discomfort free.
3. False! Dental implants restore virtually 100% of biting and chewing capacity, keeping your overall and dental health in peak condition.
4. True! We can replace individual teeth, multiple teeth and even an entire mouth of missing teeth!
5. True! With proper care, your implants can last you a lifetime.
6. True! Periodontists like Dr. Kent are experts in the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, leading to a drastically improved success rate.

So, how did you do on the quiz?
If some of the answers surprised you or you got a few wrong, it might be time for a consultation to learn more!

Ready to Improve Your Dental Health? Schedule a consultation today by calling Dr. Kent at 205-255-3811 and let us help answer any questions you have!