Not too long ago, most people could expect to lose at least one, if not many teeth, over their lifetime. Thanks to improved dental health options, individuals can keep their natural teeth for their whole life! Although periodontist Dr. Leigh Kent specializes in placing dental implants in Birmingham, AL for patients who have lost teeth, she recommends several steps to minimize the risk of preventable tooth loss:

#1: Practice Solid Dental Health Care at Home
Keeping up a daily dental health routine helps the teeth and gums operate at their best. This includes brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, as well as flossing with a preferred dental floss brand. Just spending a few minutes in the morning and evening on these key activities can offer a world of benefits.

#2: Keep Twice Yearly Dental Appointments
Going to a dental provider twice a year, or as recommended based on your dental health history, can help catch problems early or prevent them altogether. It is much easier for a periodontist to catch and solve gum disease in its earliest form, gingivitis, than it is to intervene later during early and advanced stages of periodontitis.

#3: Take Care of Problems Immediately
Calling a periodontist is essential if you notice that your gums bleed whenever you brush and floss or you have chronically bad breath. These signs of gum disease deserve a second look by a trained dental professional like Dr. Kent. Otherwise, gum disease could take hold and lead to tooth loss.

#4: Eat a Nutrient-Rich Diet
Practically everyone loves to eat sugary, sticky treats now and then. However, goodies should make up a small percentage of any person’s diet. Better choices include produce, lean meats, dairy, nuts, and other high-nutrient foods. The more nutritious an individual’s meals and snacks, the more vitamins and minerals keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

#5: Stop Using Tobacco
Are you one of the millions of people who use tobacco products? Whether you choose ones with or without smoke, you put your teeth and gums at risk. Tooth loss and tobacco have been linked for decades. Want another reason to quit, aside from it being good for your overall health? If you do lose a tooth and want to pursue dental implants, you will have to stop smoking first, anyway.

Give Your Teeth a Little Love!
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