Did you know, more than 178 million Americans are living with missing teeth or at least one missing tooth? Reasons can vary from old age, improper oral care, injury or infection. While plenty of replacements are available, including dental implants in Birmingham, AL, many people choose to continue living with a gap in their smile. This is particularly typical if a tooth in the back of the mouth was lost, so it is not immediately noticeable as if it were a front tooth. No matter which or how many teeth are lost, you should consider having them replaced to avoid complications in the future.

Problems With Speaking and Eating

Your teeth are designed to work together to allow you to eat and talk normally. However, even if just a single tooth is lost, it can drastically alter how you carry out those tasks. There may be certain foods you can no longer eat comfortably. Your speech patterns may also change depending on the location of the missing tooth.


It can be easy to forget once you are an adult that your teeth are still growing and developing. When they are all in their proper positions, your teeth tend to stay where they are, but when one disappears the others may drift out of their normal positions. A once perfectly straight smile can be negatively affected by the absence of an essential tooth, but by getting a replacement, your teeth can stay put.

Other Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Harmful issues may come up if you do not replace missing teeth, including:
• Weakening of jaw bone- this can lead to a sunken facial appearance
• Hyper eruption- when a tooth or teeth rise out of the jawbone
• TMJ disorders
• Increased risk of periodontal disease
• Inability to eat certain foods

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